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Sometimes helping a child overcome a disability is like piecing together a quilt. Here is an example of how little steps and persistence can create a "pattern" for success.

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Tri-County Special Education Association provides area school districts with reliable access to specialized student services.  In brief, member districts provide all educational programs, including special education programs, and Tri-County supports the effective implementation of district programs. 

Support services available through Tri-County include student evaluation, administration, program supervision, professional development, and related services such as Occupational and Physical Therapy, Psychological and Social Work Services, Speech-Language Services, and Assistive Technology.  Many specialized services are provided through partnerships with member districts, other educational organizations, and community agencies.  Find out more.

Service options for students who have, or are suspected of having, disabilities are most comprehensive, but Tri-County’s services are sometimes helpful for any or all students on a limited basis.   Member districts increasingly implement an instructional approach called Response to Intervention, or RtI.  Building upon the collaborative problem solving initiatives of the past, RtI is important for meeting the learning needs of all students early and often—well before special education becomes necessary.

Tri-County regularly offers a comprehensive set of professional development opportunities to area educators, parents, and community members. Find out more.  Professional development is improved through collaboration with the Heart of Illinois Low Incidence Association, the Parent Mentor project, and community providers of services to people with disabilities.

Finally, Tri-County helps districts to identify and adapt specialized instructional materials, methods, and tools to the needs of area students.  This service allows member districts to identify and try out new interventions before making a long-term commitment or a large investment of district resources.